Kendry Morales breaks leg celebrating walkoff [vid]

Kendry Morales, you’ve just been Bill Gramatica’d.

The incident happened over the weekend and it might cost Morales his season. He’ll have surgery on the leg/ankle as soon as the swelling subsides.

Morales’ manager, Mike Scioscia, told the L.A. Times that he has worried about on-field celebrations before.

“You see guys jumping on top of the dog-pile … and you always know there’s a risk when boys are being boys and they’re excited,” Scioscia said.

“But Kendry is anything but flamboyant. For this to happen to a guy who plays hard and plays the game right is disappointing. We hope we never see anything like that again.”

With the way players beat up each other after they hit a walkoff, I’d be concerned too if I were a manager. Receivers are safer when they go over the middle in the NFL.

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