YouTube star Keenan Cahill performs with the Giants’ Brian Wilson & Cody Ross [vid]

I’ve never been one to discover YouTube clips that go viral overnight. Usually my co-worker John Paulsen sends me something on Skype or a friend e-mails me a link. And even then, I open it, I laugh (sometimes), I delete it and I move on without sending it to someone else. I’m bad when it comes to these things, which is kind of ironic considering most of my day is spent online.

With that in mind, you’ll have to excuse me for not knowing who Keenan Cahill is. For those who are also unaware, he’s the 16-year-old who has found YouTube fame by lip-syncing and dancing to pop songs on his home computer. If you go to his YouTube page, you’ll find all of his videos, including one that he did of the Ghostbusters’ theme that I thought was pretty funny.

What makes Keenan’s story touching is that he has a rare genetic disease that has stunted his growth. When he’s not traveling to L.A., France or the Bahamas, he goes to school and undergoes weekly enzyme replacement therapy that doctors hope will extend his life. You can read about his story in this Chicago Tribune article.

Since we’re a sports blog and I’m a huge Giants fan, I thought I would post one of Keenan’s latest videos (which, of course, was sent to me by a friend), where he performs Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” with Brian Wilson and Cody Ross. The Giants put the video together as a fundraiser for Keenan and besides Wilson’s facial expressions, you have to check out Giants’ mascot “Lou Seal’s” dance moves. It’s rather amazing that a man dressed in a huge seal costume can move like that…

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