Jeff Kent not a fan of same sex marriages

According to, Jeff Kent donated $15,000 to a prop that would help ban gay marriages.

Jeff KentFrom the LOS ANGELES TIMES:

Jeff Kent, who played second base for the Los Angeles Dodgers this season, has stepped into the emotional world of same-sex marriage, giving $15,000 to backers of the California proposition on Tuesday’s ballot that would ban it.

In a disclosure filed with the California secretary of state, Kent listed his occupation as professional baseball player for the Dodgers and his address as Austin, Texas. He gave the $15,000 in a transaction dated Monday but which only now is public.

A review of campaign records shows no other donations to federal or California state campaigns by Kent.

While months ago Prop. 8 appeared to be as dead as the Dodgers’ World Series chances next year without Manny Ramirez, it is now gaining momentum and may indeed pass. Which would be rather ironic considering how the state will rubber stamp Democratic candidate Obama for President on the same day.

Of course, Kent’s donation being made public I’m sure will have a lot to do with Prop. 8 passing, since he’s so popular here in L.A. and S.F., where he’s played the last 12 years of his career.

OK, maybe not.

Whether you’re for or against same sex marriages, I think we can all agree that Jeff Kent is one gigantic a-hole.

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