Report: Bears interested in Jay Cutler

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that the Bears are interested in quarterback Jay Cutler, who the Broncos are willing to trade before this month’s draft.

Jay CutlerYahoo! Sports reported last week that the Bears called the Broncos expressing interest in Cutler should Denver decide to deal him. They have been reported as one of at least 10 teams to do so, and one league source said the number is higher than that.

The timing makes sense. The Broncos want ample opportunity to create a frenzied market and ensure they receive a king’s ransom for Cutler, who turns 26 this month. They also need time to prepare for the draft, and they’ll likely be looking for a package of multiple draft picks and possibly multiple players.

If the Bears are serious, they might have to part with two first-round picks and a player or additional picks. It likely will require creativity. Other teams that have been linked to Cutler include Tampa Bay — which would have gotten him in the proposed three-way trade with New England — Detroit, Minnesota, San Francisco, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Carolina and the New York Jets. Washington also can’t be ruled out.

Two first round picks is a steep price to pay, but you figure Bears’ GM Jerry Angelo is going to botch those selections anyway so they might as well get a young quarterback out of the deal. (I’m kidding! I’m kidding! Okay, no I’m not…)

As the article points out, the Broncos have done a nice job of creating a market for Cutler with so many teams reportedly being interested in the young QB. And why wouldn’t a team like the Bears be interested? Cutler is young and experienced, has a strong arm and the Bears haven’t had a reliable quarterback since Jim McMahon. But if they do wind up pulling off a trade for Cutler, the Bears better get the kid some receivers.

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Broncos to begin shopping quarterback Jay Cutler

Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen announced that Denver will attempt to trade disgruntled quarterback Jay Cutler and’s Peter King estimates that the team would like to get a deal done before this month’s draft.

This development is in stark contrast to what the Broncos’ stance was at the NFL meetings last week. McDaniels, who created a firestorm of discontent with Cutler when he attempted to secretly trade him in February and the trade failed, seemed certain last week week he would be able to mend fences with Cutler in a private meeting.

A source Tuesday night said McDaniels felt he was at the point of no return with Cutler and had no choice but to pursue a trade.

Among the teams certain to be interested are Tampa Bay, the New York Jets and Detroit, which holds the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft. But the Lions may have been swayed to pick Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford No. 1 overall after his impressive workout Tuesday on the Georgia campus.

Other teams are likely to be interested, including Cleveland, Minnesota, San Francisco and possibly Carolina. It’s a virtual certainty that the Bucs and Jets, both without a bonafide No. 1 quarterback entering the draft, will bid aggressively for Cutler.

This might wind up working well for all parties involved. Cutler clearly doesn’t want to play for the Broncos and quite frankly, I think he made that decision long before this whole riff with McDaniels began (i.e. he’s been upset since the day Mike Shanahan was fired). So he’ll be able to get out of Denver, McDaniels then has the opportunity to choose a quarterback that he feels best fits his system and whichever team lands Cutler, they’ll get a young signal caller with plenty of upside.

Personally I thought Cutler handled himself very poorly in all of this. He seemed to blow things out of proportion, wasn’t willing to truly reconcile with McDaniels and overall acted liked a 5-year old that wasn’t getting his way. Cutler better hope for his sake that the grass is greener on the other side because if he winds up in Detroit, he could wind up regretting all of this very soon.

Jay Cutler plans to show up to Broncos’ mandatory workouts

Even though his situation with head coach Josh McDaniels and the Broncos is extremely rocky right now, quarterback Jay Cutler still plans on showing up at Denver’s mandatory workouts.

Jay CutlerI was able to communicate with Cutler Monday afternoon. He indicated to me that he still plans to be in Denver for the Broncos mini-camp in April. That’s the earliest he’s required to report without being in violation of his contract. So far, Cutler has skipped the Broncos voluntary workouts that began a week ago Monday.

Cutler also let me know that he saw parts of Josh McDaniels’ interview with the NFL Network on Monday. In that interview, McDaniels stated several times that Cutler is his quarterback and he hopes to keep the lines of communication open to resolve their differences. When asked if he thought the situation was reparable, McDaniels said yes.

Cutler had no comment on McDaniels’ interview.

Considering word leaked yesterday that Cutler didn’t return a text message that McDaniels recently sent him, this all seems like Cutler is trying to save face. He clearly wants out of Denver and is going to great lengths in order to accomplish that. So him all of a sudden saying that he plans on showing up to workouts seems strange, unless he figures that this will help him get traded faster.

Cutler mess started when Shanahan was fired

Jay Cutler’s agent Bus Cook recently said that the quarterback’s feud with the Broncos started when head coach Mike Shanahan was fired.

Jay CutlerBroncos owner Pat Bowlen challenged a claim made by agent Bus Cook to on Wednesday morning that he had lied to quarterback Jay Cutler, a Cook client. Jay was disappointed in the firing of Mike Shanahan and met with the owner,” Cook told “The owner assured him everything would be fine. The owner said he had the second-best offense in football and would leave the offensive staff intact. Jay was good with that. Then he hires an offensive coach who gets rid of the staff.” Bowlen said Wednesday afternoon that he did not recall meeting with Cutler during the coaching search. Cutler left Denver the day before Mike Shanahan was fired and did not return until February. Bowlen said he would like the Pro Bowl quarterback to stay with the Broncos but was unable to predict if that would happen.

When Cutler met with new head coach Josh McDaniels last weekend, he said that McDaniels made it clear that he could still entertain trading him and that he wants his own guy at quarterback. But McDaniels said nothing like that was ever uttered. And now Bowlen is denying that he ever had a meeting with Cutler to reassure him about the Shanahan firing.

There’s a lot of he said, she said happening right now and at least to me, it appears that Cutler is stretching the truth as far as he can. It seems like this kid has wanted out since Shanahan got fired and will stop at nothing until he burns down every last bridge in Denver.

King: Broncos not entertaining trade offers for Cutler’s Peter King notes in his Tuesday edition of “Monday Morning Quarterback” that the Broncos aren’t currently entertaining any trade offers at this time for Jay Cutler.

Jay CutlerHold off on the Jay Cutler trade talk — for now. A source close to one team that has inquired with the Broncos about the unhappy quarterback tells me the Broncos have told them they’re hanging on to Cutler and won’t entertain discussions for him at this time.

That’s a natural thing for the Broncos to say. They can’t give Cutler or his agent, Bus Cook, a shred of evidence that they want to move him until coach Josh McDaniels is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt the relationship with Cutler is not fixable. But it’s probably more likely than unlikely the Broncos will find the situation can’t be remedied, in my opinion. So I do expect Denver’s tune to change sometime between now and the April 25 draft, and I do expect Cutler to be traded.

I expect the usual suspects to line up for Cutler — Detroit, Cleveland, San Francisco, Tennessee and perhaps Carolina, though the Panthers, without a first-round pick in the 2009 draft, will be at a severe disadvantage. But I don’t think he’ll end up in one of those spots unless Detroit offers the 20th and 33rd picks of the draft, and a player sweetener, straight up for him.

I expect the most fervent suitors to be Tampa Bay and the New York Jets.

I still think Detroit has the most to offer with two first round picks. Then again, they have a ton of holes to fill and giving up multiple draft picks for Cutler could be too much in the end when they could select Matthew Stafford with the first overall pick.

My best guess is that Cutler gets dealt on one of the days leading up to the draft. But there’s a fair amount of time between now and then so maybe McDaniels can pull a rabbit out of his hat and remedy the situation before then.

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