The media’s steroid double standard

The media circus arrived in Tampa on Tuesday, and the star attraction under the big top was Alex Rodriguez elaborating about his steroid usage. The talking heads on the evil four-letter network, ESPN, inundated us with up-to-the-minute updates on what to expect from Rodriguez’s press conference and showed countless sound bites from his contemporaries in baseball expressing their disappointment with his actions; SportsCenter became A-RodCenter.

Then, after a 32-minute press conference, the commentators returned to voice their displeasure of A-Rod’s handling of the media’s questions. They screamed for more details on his merry trek through Latin America with his cousin Yuri in search of the banned substance “boli” (Primobolan). Their analysis of the latest chapter in baseball’s steroid scandal had feel of a good old-fashioned witchhunt.

My reaction to the coverage: you are all hypocrites!

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Proof steroids don’t always help

According to a report by Yahoo! Sports, former first overall pick Tim Couch had been using steroids and human growth hormone while attempting a comeback to the gridiron.

“If I took that much steroids I wouldn’t have passed the steroid test in Jacksonville,” he said last week. “There’s no way in hell. It doesn’t matter what that (steroid regimen) says. It matters what I took. I know what I took and what I didn’t take.”

Well I hope you didn’t take roids Couch, because if you did they certainly didn’t help your career 75.1 quarterback rating or your 17 comeback attempts from first overall bustland. I’d hate to assume guilt from one Yahoo! Sports article, but if he did juice, this is just proof that steroids don’t always boost athletes to Barry Bonds-levels.

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