DeSean Jackson’s concussion considered severe

According to FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer, DeSean Jackson suffered memory loss when he was concussed today in the Eagles’ 31-17 win over the Falcons.

Jackson suffered the concussion when Dunta Robinson lowered his shoulder and connected with the receiver’s head, knocking him out immediately. Robinson was flagged for hitting a defenseless receiver and neither of them came back into the game after walking off the field with the help of trainers.

Chances are that Jackson will miss next week’s game at Tennessee, but the good news is that the Eagles have a bye in Week 8. They play at home against the Colts in Week 9, so hopefully Jackson will be back by then. He took one hell of a hit.

I would imagine that Robinson will get fined, although it wasn’t helmet-to-helmet and it certainly wasn’t a cheap shot.

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Eagles completely dominate Falcons, but lose DeSean Jackson after nasty collision

Philadelphia Eagles DeSean Janckson catches a touchdown pass ahead of the arms of Atlanta Falcons William Moore during first quarter Philadelphia Eagles-Atlanta Falcons game action in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field October 17, 2010.  UPI/John Anderson Photo via Newscom

If you type “complete and utter domination” into Google right now, your search will probably yield this:

Eagles 31, Falcons 17.

The Falcons are completely petrified of the Eagles and they have been for the better part of a decade now. Philly has beaten Atlanta 62 of the last 63 times its faced the Falcons (don’t look that figure up – it’s right) and it once again dominated them on Sunday.

The score might as well been Eagles 98, Falcons 0 because the game was never close. Brian Van Gorder had no clue how to defense Marty Mornhinweg’s playing calling, while Sean McDermott’s defense completely befuddled Mike Mularkey, whose going to get Matt Ryan killed if he can’t incorporate more plays that stretch the defense. I swear Mularkey has more stop routes in his offense than L.A. has traffic at 5:00PM on a Friday evening. For once in your life, Mike, get Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez running vertical.

Of course, Ryan didn’t play well Sunday either. He missed open receivers, he freaked out at the sight of pressure, freaked out when there wasn’t pressure and he wasn’t more aggressive late in the game when the Falcons needed a couple of big scores.

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