Quick – everybody pile on!

Many of Albert Haynesworth’s Redskins teammates have expressed their displeasure over the last two days in the defensive tackle’s decision not to report to a mandatory mini-camp because he wants to be traded.

Actually, let me start this post over. In 3…2…1…

Many of Albert Haynesworth’s Redskins teammates think he’s a bum. And this post is in dedication to all the things that they’ve said about him since he’s decided that he can dictate where he plays and in what system he plays in.

London Fletcher:

“He can say what he wants to say about being traded, but there are ways he can’t be a Redskin — give the money back. I’m sure they’ll take it, and we’ll move on without him. I want teammates I can count on, depend on and know in the fourth quarter, will make a play and do the job that’s called of him. We need people we can depend on. Right now, he’s showed he can’t be depended on.”

“It’s no different than his attitude and approach to last year’s defense, about wanting everything to revolve around him and him making plays. And if it didn’t benefit him, he wasn’t really willing to do it.”

“There’s ways he cannot be a Redskin: Give the money back. We’ll move on without him. I want teammates who I can depend on, who I can count on, who in the fourth quarter I know is going to be there to make a play or do his job that the defense calls [for]. We need people that we can depend on. And at the end of the day, right now, he’s showing that he can’t be depended upon. … Last year we had a lot of selfishness that took place, and we got 4-12 out of that. This year, we can’t have that.”

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Grandma Eagle fan moons Redskins bus

Philadelphia Eagles FansWashington Redskins players reminisced about their experience dealing with Eagles fans this past weekend and it was nothing out of the usual: Fans threw eggs at the team buses. Kids gave players the middle finger…Grandma pulled down her skivvies to moon the Redskins’ arrival.

“You’ve got the six -year olds flipping you off, and the dad’s patting them on the back,” Rabach said.

“They give us the bird, we wave,” Sellers said. “The universal greeting, I guess, for Philly.”

“Grandma’s mooning you,” Jon Jansen said.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Rabach said.

“I’ve had some old ladies moon us, oh yeah,” Jansen said.

“It’s hard to tell from the backside, to tell you the truth,” Rabach said.

“Oh, you can tell,” Jansen said. “When it’s an old lady, you can tell.”

Only in Philly would someone’s grandmother reveal her bare ass at one of the Eagles’ opponents. You gotta love what Eagle fans bring to the table.

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