Ben Johnson in 1988

I remember watching this live in 1988, as Ben Johnson blew away Car Lewis in the stunning 100 meter final. I had bet a friend $20 on the race and was thrilled with the result.

Of course, Ben Johnson cheated with steroids, and he had to surrender his gold medal. Carl Lewis was cheated out of his rightful place on the podium, and I had to return the $20.

When I watch the video again, I’m struck by how Lewis sought out Johnson after the race to congratulate him and Johnson barely acknowledged his. Not only was he a cheater, but he was a classless cheater.

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The 10 Worst Musical Performances by Athletes ranked the 10 worst musical performances by athletes.

#9: Chicago Bears – Super Bowl Shuffle
The Super Bowl Shuffle was shot the day after the Bears lost their only game of the 1985 season, to the Miami Dolphins. The single actually reached #41 on the Billboard charts and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance—Duo or Group. It was pretty bold for a team to produce a song about going to the Super Bowl, but the Bears came through, destroying the Patriots 46-10.

#1: Carl Lewis – National Anthem
You’ve seen it before. But it doesn’t make it any less painful.

I know some Bear fans that have just officially boycotted for dogging the Super Bowl Shuffle. You just don’t touch the “SBS” when it comes to Bear fans…

Phelps is Three of a Kind: Wins Gold in 200 Freestyle

Three races, three gold medals, and three world records.

Michael Phelps is dominating the swimming competition at the Beijing Games, as he won the 200-meter freestyle race with a world record time of 1:42.96. He led throughout the race, with at times a full body length advantage ahead of silver medalist, Park Tae-hwan, of South Korea.

Phelps now joins fellow Americans Mark Spitz and Carl Lewis with nine career gold medals in Olympic competition. And he is 3-for-3 in his quest of breaking Spitz’s 36-year-old record of seven gold medals in one Olympiad.

There’s no rest for the wicked, as Phelps goes for his fourth gold medal in the 200-meter butterfly tomorrow evening. Oh by the way, he holds the world record in that event as well.

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