Jenn Sterger won’t talk to the NFL…if Favre pays up

23 April 2009 - Hoboken, New Jersey - Jenn Sterger. Grand Opening Celebration of W Worldwide Hotel in Hoboken. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

Remember that post I wrote defending Jenn Sterger against all the charges that she is a no-good gold-digger?

Yeah…well…I take it all back.

Per the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

Jenn Sterger, the subject of the NFL’s investigation into Brett Favre’s behavior, would decline the league’s interview request if she and the Vikings quarterback reach a financial settlement that would prevent her from any potential legal action against Favre, the Pioneer Press has learned.

The settlement would include a confidentiality agreement between the two that would effectively stop the NFL, which does not have subpoena power, from speaking with Sterger about Favre.

Assuming the report is accurate, this looks a lot like extortion. She’s not interested in doing what’s right, she’s interested in getting rich, and Favre should be able and willing to make her a millionaire. She probably figures that since her name is now synonymous with Favre’s junk, she might as well cash in while she can.


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“His manager should have sat him down and said, ‘Brett, you’re being paid $19,000 a day just to NOT show people your junk.'”


Suspension coming for Favre? That’s doubtful.

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 09: Quarterback Brett Favre  of the Minnesota Vikings sits on the bench dejected late in the fourth quarter against the New Orleans Saints at Louisiana Superdome on September 9, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints won 14-9. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing Lord Favre go down for this Jenn Sterger scandal. I don’t care how hot Sterger is or that other red-blooded men probably would have attempted the same thing (uh, picking her up…not sending her junk mail) – I still wouldn’t mind seeing the guy get taken down a few pegs.

Favre is an egomaniac. He thinks that because he’s a NFL legend that he can retire or unretire whenever he wants and he probably thought that Sterger would be knocking at his bedroom door at the sound of his voice. I don’t buy the good ol’ boy act anymore and while I still love watching him play, I think he needs a lesson in humility.

That said, he’s not going to be suspended. He’s scheduled to meet with NFL vice president of security Milt Ahreich on Tuesday, but I highly doubt anything will come out of the interview. Sterger isn’t talking about the situation and if the key witness/victim/catalyst won’t talk, then how can the league suspend Favre?

Another thing to keep in mind is that the league has never disciplined Favre before, so he would be a first-time offender if the NFL felt as though he embarrassed the shield by his actions. Plus, he didn’t legally do anything wrong here. It’s not like Sterger filed a sexual harassment suit against him, so even if the league did want to suspend him, how long could they possibly keep him out if he was never charged with anything?

Chances are the only thing Favre will have to deal with is the pain and embarrassment he caused for his wife. Other than that, it’s doubtful anything more will come from the situation.

In defense of Jenn Sterger…

I’ll be honest — this isn’t an easy piece to write. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for attention whores who balk when they start to get the wrong kind of attention. (Be careful what you wish for, right?) Ms. Sterger gained notoriety by prominently displaying her bought-and-paid-for assets in the front row of Florida State football games. She eventually parlayed that into some work for, photo shoots for Maxim and Playboy, and was the Jets’ sideline reporter during the 2008 season, which is where she caught Brett Favre’s eye.

By now you know the story, right? Favre tried to make contact, but she wasn’t down with the idea of having casual sex with an older, married man. Favre persisted, leaving awkward, desperate-sounding voicemails and eventually (and allegedly) sending pictures of his junk. (Those pictures, by the way, show a watch that matches the watch that Favre wears pretty much all the time. This, coupled with his silence on the matter, is enough proof for me.)

As the story has continued to develop, I have noticed a fair amount of vitriol directed at Ms. Sterger, using just about every name in the book that describes a promiscuous gold-digger. While I don’t know Ms. Sterger personally, she certainly doesn’t seem terribly promiscuous — she turned down the future Hall of Famer’s advances, after all — or interested in Favre’s money, as she has remained completely silent on the subject. She didn’t sell the pictures or voicemails to Deadspin, and while the fact that they obtained them certainly raises some questions (i.e. how did they get them if not from her?), it doesn’t seem like she has profited from this scandal (so far).

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Brett Favre apparently thinks he’s bigger than the NFL

Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Brett Favre walks off the field after an incomplete pass late in the second half of their NFL football game against the New York Jets in East Rutherford, New Jersey, October 11, 2010. The Jets won the game. REUTERS/Mike Segar (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

Everyone knows Lord Favre has an ego but who knew it was the actual size of China.

According to a report by, Favre has already declined a meeting with NFL security chief Milt Alherich, who is leading an investigation into allegations that Lord sent inappropriate text messages to former Jets employee Jenn Sterger in 2008. The league has allowed Favre the final option of meeting either Monday or Tuesday, but who knows if he’ll spurn the NFL again.

The kicker is that Alherich and his security department has had zero success to interview Sterger, too. So if Favre cooperates and Sterger doesn’t press the issue, then chances are the Vikings’ QB won’t face any disciplinary action. Based on the evidence (uh, internet evidence) it’s clear that Favre made several advances on Sterger during his time in New York. But if she remains uncooperative, then how can the league push forward with its investigation?

If I’m Favre, I’m holding the meeting with Alherich and my only response to his questions would be: “Prove it.”

“Did you send a text message to Jenn Sterger with a photo of your penis, Mr. Favre?”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t but you’re going to have to prove that I sent the junk mail to Mrs. Sterger. Prove that it’s my junk in those photos, Mr. NFL Security Man.”

We’ll see what Favre decides at the start of the week, but the NFL isn’t going to just let this die. He’s not bigger than the league, even if he thinks he is.

On a related note, the Vikings picked up their second win of the season on Sunday when they beat the Cowboys, 24-21. Favre completed 14-of-19 passes for only 118 yards and a touchdown, but the key is that he only turned the ball over once (a fumble), as opposed to his normal three-plus turnovers.

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