Favre’s non-denial pretty much confirms it, right?

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 09: Quarterback Brett Favre  of the Minnesota Vikings looks on during warms up against the New Orleans Saints at Louisiana Superdome on September 9, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

In Kevin Seifert’s NFL Nation post, he outlines what response Brett Favre has given the Jenn Sterger story.

Favre has fueled the story by passing on two opportunities to deny involvement. Asked for comment last Thursday, Favre said: “I’m not getting into that. I’ve got my hands full with the Jets and am trying to get some timing down with our guys, so that’s all I’m going to discuss.”

Asked again Sunday night during an ESPN production meeting, Favre said: “My main focus is the New York Jets. They are a tough team; as good as they are, that has been my focus. I hate in any way if this has been a distraction. As I said Thursday, we are here focused on trying to beat the Jets.”

Favre was asked point-blank if the original Deadspin.com report was accurate. His response: “That will take its course.”

Look at it this way — if Favre didn’t do what he’s accused of doing, what’s the downside of denying the story? The only reason (I can think of) that he’d issue these evasive non-denials is that he doesn’t want to get caught in a lie when the allegations are proven to be true.

Jenn Sterger (pics) apparently does not want to discuss the story, and for good reason. She told the editor of Deadspin about Favre’s advances in the winter of 2009 before she landed her television gig on the Versus show “The Bottom Line” in the spring of 2010. She left the Jets in the summer of ’09, so when she spoke to Deadspin, she probably wasn’t sure she’d make it as a legitimate sports personality. (The original reason for the meeting was to discuss a “Deadspin Swimsuit Project,” after all.) Now that she has a gig, she doesn’t want to backpedal into Rachel Uchitel territory. Anyone who wants to make her out to be Mother Theresa is delusional, however, because this wouldn’t be a story if she hadn’t kept those voicemails and photos and told Deadspin about them.

But back to Favre — right now, he’s doing the non-denial thing and the story is only getting bigger, as two more women have (sort of) come forward with their own allegations. I think even his most fervent supporters can see that he’s being evasive about Sterger, and the only reason that he’d do so is because he’s guilty.

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