The humiliation of Bret Bielema

That was hilarious! Pretty much everyone agreed that Bret Bielema came across as a bumbling fool when he tried to rip Ohio State’s schedule and then proceeded to have his over-hyped Razorbacks crap the bed against Toledo.

Bielema is a blowhard and also an overrated coach. He hopped aboard the Wisconsin train and basically just kept the same formula. He had some success while Michigan was down and Ohio State had to go through the Luke Fickell transition season until Urban Meyer restored order to the Big Ten.

Bielema parlayed that record to a monster contract at Arkansas, where suddenly he had to do real coaching in order to turn around a program and compete in the tough SEC.

Arkansas was the favorite sleeper pick of many experts, but now big mouth Bielema has become a laughingstock instead.

Let’s see if he can redeem himself with some wins in the SEC.

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The recruiting wars


Urban Meyer made quite a splash with a monster recruiting class at Ohio State, but some of his fellow coaches in the Big Ten weren’t too happy that he came in and “flipped” players. The whining from Bret Bielema and Mark Dantonio seemed a bit much according to David Whitley, who pointed out that recruits had every right to change their minds after a coach of Meyer’s caliber joined Ohio State.

But Whitley makes a larger point – that the Big Ten has much more honorable recruiting practices than the SEC. Yes, the SEC is currently winning all the titles, but Whitley points out some pretty pathetic actions by Les Miles and Nick Saban. The oversigning has gotten out of control.

Hopefully the push by the Big Ten towards 4-year scholarships will put even more pressure on the SEC to clean up its act.

Wisconsin coaching, effort a joke against Penn State

Penn State-WisconsinNot to take anything away from No. 6 Penn State because they continue to play fantastic football this year, but Wisconsin’s effort in a 48-7 loss to the Nittany Lions on Saturday night was ridiculous. The Badgers came out and ran the ball on their first 10 offensive possessions and it wasn’t until they fell behind 10-0 early in the second quarter did they attempt a pass.

What exactly was Wisconsin’s game plan? Run the ball and rely on their defense to stop a PSU offense that is one of the best in the nation?

Bret Bielema’s decision to play conservative blew up in his face. I understand the idea of trying to keep the Lions’ explosive offense off the field by establishing the run, but it made Wisconsin too predictable. And once Brad Nortman returned a punt 42 yards for a score to make it 17-0 in the second quarter, the game was basically over because Bielema had no backup strategy for when his brilliant original game plan failed.

Penn State might be the best team in the Big Ten, but it was hard to get a read of how good they were tonight with how brutal Wisconsin was. And considering Toledo just beat them in Ann Arbor, the Badgers loss to Michigan a couple weeks ago looks even worse now.

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