Parcells told Dolphins he would walk after ’08 season

Bill ParcellsAccording to the Miami Herald, Bill Parcells told Dolphins’ owner Wayne Huizenga that he would leave the team following the 2008 NFL season. Huizenga, who recently sold the team, promised Parcells that he could walk at any time if he agreed to stay another year in Miami.

This should surprise absolutely no one. Parcells does whatever he wants and commitments mean next to nothing to him. It’s almost laughable that a team would allow him to just pack up and leave anytime he wanted to, but then again it speaks to how good he is.

You want to win? You want Parcells? No problem, but this is how he operates and he’s not going to change his ways now. Nobody in Miami is complaining about the arraignment after the way he took a 1-15 Dolphins team and transformed them into AFC East Champions this season. The guy is a miracle worker.

It’ll be interesting to see if he bolts at some point this season. He could very easily get the Dolphins through the free agency period and the draft and then decide to bolt, or he could stick around for the entire year and leave after the season. Either way, it would be shocking if the Dolphins get him to honor his four-year contract.

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Is Bill Parcells getting the itch to coach again?

According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Bill Parcells might be interested in returning to the sidelines as a head coach in the near future.

One other tidbit I gathered this morning is that a certain former coach of the Giants, Patriots, Jets and Cowboys has the itch to coach again. That’s right, a source has told me Bill Parcells is telling those close to him he would consider a return to the sidelines. I’m guessing it would have to be the right opportunity for a premier franchise (Jets again????). Parcells has an out in his Dolphins contract if Wayne Huizenga sells the team, which apparently is going to happen. So far, reports have Parcells potentially jumping ship to be the GM of another franchise. But I’m hearing he would also like to coach the talent he selects.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone – especially with a couple of franchises ready for a complete overhaul. Parcells loves to take coal and polish it into a diamond, which he did in just one season this year in Miami. With the Browns, Lions and Jets in need of a head coach, its no wonder Parcells may want to coach again. (Although I wouldn’t get too excited if I were a Lion fan, because William Clay Ford Sr. already gave the GM job to Martin Mayhew on Monday and the “Big Tuna” probably wouldn’t return unless he had complete control.)

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