Rooting for Vince Young

Vince Young parlayed that incredible performance in the Rose Bowl into a first round draft pick and a monster contract. He’s one of the greatest quarterbacks in college football history, but he really wasn’t worth that high of a draft pick. He also proved to be quite a knucklehead at times, and he managed to blow most of his money like too many young athletes these days.

Still, I’m happy that the Green Bay Packers signed him and that he’ll be getting another shot. He claims he’s learned from his mistakes, and he has a real shot at having a long career as an NFL backup, which would be a huge upgrade from the hole he dug himself into.

The backup QB situation is a mess, so I think it makes sense for them to bring in a guy with Young’s talent and experience. Hopefully Young will take advantage of playing behind a future Hall of Famer, and he should be able to help the Packers learn how to play defense against a mobile quarterback. They can’t get any worse.

So I’m hoping this all works out for Vince Young.

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