Favre has no interest in playing for Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre watches from the sidelines during their NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 28, 2010. REUTERS/Tim Shaffer (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald was apparently so sick of the recent rumors that Brett Favre is coming back this season to quarterback the Dolphins that he actually traveled to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to ask Favre himself whether or not he’s returning.

And Darlington got the word straight from the horse’s mouth: Brett isn’t coming back.

Below are a series of tweets from Darlington that he posted after speaking with Favre:

After a 10-hour stakeout, I finally tracked down Favre. He was headed to take a team photo with players at Oak Grove High near his ranch.

In Hattiesburg, I just asked Brett Favre if he’s interested in joining Dolphins: “I haven’t heard anything & I don’t have any interest. No.”

If you don’t believe his words, you can believe my eyes: Brett Favre walks slowly and gingerly, every step taking considerable effort.

Favre apparently asked Darlington, “You’re from Miami? Don’t you have anything better to do?”

No, you attention-loving hooker, he doesn’t. It’s because of you that media members like Darlington will go to great lengths to try to uncover the truth about whether or not you’re playing. You’ve pulled this dog and pony show so many times that perfectly sane men feel the need to travel four states in order to track you down and cut through the B.S.

Anyone who watched Favre’s remaining games last year saw a man who was done. Let’s not entertain the idea that he’s coming back – stick a fork in him, it’s over.

Or is it…

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