Kenny Britt arrested again, charged with two counts of resisting arrest

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt drags Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry into the end zone for a score during the first half of their NFL football game in Kansas City, Missouri December 26, 2010. REUTERS/Dave Kaup (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

On Wednesday, Titans receiver Kenny Britt was fined $478 after pleading guilty to a careless driving charge stemming from an arrest in New Jersey last April.

And…I…was…shocked. A $478 fine and four points added to his driver’s license? After he was arrested on three counts (including a felony) following an alleged car chase with police? Seriously?

Even though those charges were reduced before he received his punishment, talk about one of your all-time smacks on the wrist. But I said to myself, “Anthony, just wait. He’s a fool. There’s going be an opportunity where he screws up again. Just be patient.”

I didn’t have to be patient very long because Britt was arrested yet again on Wednesday night by New Jersey narcotics officers and charged with two counts of resisting arrest.

That’s right, on the same day he was let off easy for another crime, he pushed away from officers and wouldn’t submit to handcuffs. He’s been charged with a minor disorderly persons offense as well as a third-degree crime, which apparently carries a possible sentence of 3-5 years if convicted. (“If convicted” – ha! Like an athlete would ever be convicted of a crime outside of dog fighting and shooting himself in the leg while in New York.)

Just to be clear, I have nothing against Britt personally. I don’t want to see Britt be a nuisance to society – I just figured he would try to be again.

And why wouldn’t he? He was charged with a felony, saw his charges reduced, and then got away with a slap on the wrist after police officers chased him in his vehicle. If I were him, I would think I were invincible and that I could do whatever the hell I wanted because I was an athlete and the same laws that apply to everyone else don’t apply to me. Then I’d go out and get in trouble again because hey, what’s the worse that could happen? Another $478 fine and a few points on my license? Psshaw.

The Titans better hope this lockout ends soon or else this kid is going to get into more trouble. He has no organization in his life right now and certainly no boundaries. What’s interesting is that had he just been present at a players-only workout on Wednesday instead of committing crimes in New Jersey, this incident would have been avoided. But apparently Britt has no clue about…ah…what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, right: Responsibility.

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