Jemele Hill and Skip Bayless react to Jenn Sterger interview [video]

I broke down the first part of her interview yesterday, and generally speaking, I think Hill is missing the point. Sterger wants to answer charges that she’s a gold-digger, and apparently she’s not. She hasn’t profited from this situation at all. Good for her. But she also wants to answer charges that she’s a home-wrecker, and those accusations are not so easily dismissed since she did engage in some sort of interaction through text message with Favre for a period of time.

If she wasn’t interested in what he had to say, then she never should have responded to him. Ignore his texts and voicemails and he’ll eventually go away. But she didn’t do that. She admitted to texting him but couldn’t recall what her texts were about, claiming that she was just trying to figure out who it was. So something doesn’t add up.

Regardless, I think we’re all ready for this story to finally go away. But let’s not leave this thinking that Sterger is some sort of victim. Had she not interacted with Favre via text or shared those texts/voicemails with friends, this story never would have seen the light of day. Favre is mostly responsible for the interaction/incident, but she was complicit by responding to those texts. And due to her poor choice in confidants, she was mostly responsible for this story becoming public.

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