Sorry, but Green Bay’s “G” does not stand for “greatness”

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel followed up Tiki Barber’s assertion that the “G” on the Packer helmet stands for “greatness” not “Green Bay.”

When I first heard about this greatness stuff, I asked Aaron Popkey, spokesman for the Packers, to set the record straight. He conferred with Tom Murphy, archivist at the Packers Hall of Fame.

“The Packers have no knowledge of it being anything other than Green Bay,” Popkey said. “Maybe it was Tiki Barber having some fun with it.”

Here’s the original segment:

Midwest Sports Fans puts a period at the end of this sentence…

Final thought: does anyone else think that Tiki Barber seems like the kid in elementary school who loved to know something that no one else did and loved even more running around saying “Na-na-na-na-boo-boo” and rubbing it in that he knew it and you didn’t? I think so. I also think this video sums up Tiki Barber quite well.

The fact that Yahoo! Sports let Tiki run with this segment has to be a little embarrassing. I wonder if anyone researched Tiki’s “facts” before he hit the Packer media day.

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