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Even the most feared pass-rushers in the NFL can learn a thing or two about their performance from a scientific standpoint. DeMarcus Ware (pictured above with NFL prospect Cameron Heyward) has made a living feasting on quarterbacks but that doesn’t mean he stops learning off the field. At the Super Bowl this year in Dallas, DeMarcus paired with Gatorade in order to work with their scientists at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI). He was given the opportunity to learn about his specific sports’ nutrition routine, so that he can fuel maximum performance on the field. The Scores Report was fortunate enough to catch up with DeMarcus while he was at the GSSI, so he could fill us in on what the process was like and what he learned from his testing. We also asked him for his take on Wade Phillips, on what the Cowboys need to do to reach the Super Bowl next year and on the rising success of the 3-4 defense. Of course, we couldn’t let him go without getting his Super Bowl pick as well.

DeMarcus Ware: Hello?

The Scores Report: Hey DeMarcus! How are you, man?

DW: Good! How are you?

TSR: Doing well. So you’re in Dallas?

DW: Yes sir.

TSR: You having fun or what?

DW: Yeah, I’m having a great time at radio row.

TSR: Good stuff. Talk to me about Gatorade and what you’re doing with them for the Super Bowl.

DW: You know, everybody always thinks about sports drinks as something that just quenches your thirst. But they’ve taken it to the next level and they’ve gotten this lab to where it’s built for nutrition, fitness and really helping you with your performance. Gatorade has pre-drinks, post-drinks and you know, drinks in between workouts that helps you with peek performance.

TSR: I had the opportunity to speak with Maurice Jones-Drew last year about the Gatorade science lab and he loved his experience. Have you been able to jump on the treadmill or done anything like that yet?

DW: Yeah, I hopped on the bike and let me tell you, it was very strenuous. I actually got a headache.

TSR: Really?

DW: Yeah, it was no joke. But I got to find out what deficiencies I had and you’d be surprised as to what you’ll find out from going through their testing.

TSR: Talk to me about your specific deficiencies and what Gatorade has shown you about your personal performance.

DW: There’s one machine that’s for hand-eye coordination, which helps athletes figure out what they have to work on in that area. The left side of my brain works a little differently from the right side of my brain and this machine is set up where you push all of this different red buttons to show you how you can improve your hand-eye coordination.

TSR: Have you tried the G-Series Pro where you drink pre, during and post-workout drinks?

DW: I haven’t done it yet but I’m excited to try it. But I did have a headache earlier, tried their recovery drink and it went away. So obviously something’s in there that’s working.

TSR: What other Super Bowl events will you be able to take part in this weekend?

DW: I’ll be going to the EA Madden Bowl and I’ll probably wind up doing some other stuff with Gatorade down radio row. I also have some other sponsors here, so I’ll be going to whatever events they have planned.

TSR: What do the Cowboys need to do so that next year you’re taking part of media week as a player who’s competing in the Super Bowl?

DW: I think all of our guys need to experience this and see what it takes to get here. Because I think it would motivate us. We really have all the pieces in place – we just need to play better.

TSR: Not that you ever want to see somebody lose their job, but what was your take on the Wade Phillips firing? Did you think the Cowboys needed to go in another direction?

DW: Well, that’s up to Jerry Jones to think about whether we needed to go in another direction or not. It’s his decision. Wade is a great coach and he’s down in Houston and he’s going to keep coaching well. Now we have Jason Garrett and we have to roll with the punches. He’s a great guy and we just have to keep going.

TSR: You play in the 3-4 in Dallas and both the Packers and Steelers employ the 3-4. Are you surprised that more teams don’t adopt that alignment given the success that the Steelers have had over the years?

DW: You know the thing is, I see a lot of the 4-3 teams now starting to bring a little bit of that 3-4 look to their scheme. You never know who’s rushing the passer, you can bring more guys with the 3-4, but then it’s also a different blocking scheme, too. Anything to keep the opponents on edge and add that next dimension is what teams need.

TSR: Why don’t you think we see more teams use the 3-4 as their base?

DW: I just think it comes down to the players. You know, some teams have the big four-down linemen and some have linebackers that don’t rush as well. So if you have a defense with a couple of linebackers that can rush, as well as that big man up front, the 3-4 can work well.

TSR: How do you see the Super Bowl playing out from a defensive standpoint?

DW: You have two big, nasty defenses playing – No. 1 and No. 2, in fact. Both of these teams have done well, but the defense that gets the most pressure on the quarterback is probably going to win.

TSR: You guys played the Packers earlier this season. What makes Aaron Rodgers so special and how do you defend that Packers’ offense?

DW: Aaron Rodgers is a guy that can sit there in the pocket and throw the ball really well, but he also uses his legs to string things out and keep the chains moving. First you have to stop the run but second you have to be able to contain him. If you don’t, you’re going to lose the game.

TSR: I know you’re busy down there in Dallas DeMarcus, so I’ll let you go. But one last thing: Tell me who wins this weekend.

DW: I would say Green Bay – I have to stick with the NFC.

TSR: All right then! Thanks for your time, DeMarcus. Have fun down there with Gatorade and I’ll be looking to get your take on the G-Series Pro when you try it out.

DW: All right, thank you.

TSR: Thanks.

DW: Take care.

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