Ron Artest is a master of the third person

On the heels of Marc Stein’s report that Ron Artest would like to be traded, FanHouse posted an interview with Ron Artest where Ron Artest talks about Ron Artest quite a bit. Here’s an excerpt:

FH: Break down last season compared to this one for me. What are the main differences for you?

RA: Last year I didn’t really know the offense that much. I realized this is (Bryant’s) team, so he really dominates the game a lot and I had to adjust my way of thinking. My whole summer before my first year as a Laker, I practiced spotting up. Even if I played with regular players in the street, I’d be a spot-up player because I knew Kobe was going to dominate the ball and I wanted to perfect my role. But then during the playoffs, I’d see how these teams be playing off me … and I’d mess up. I’m like, ‘A couple years ago, y’all were double-teaming me, and triple-teaming me,’ so I had to readjust.

The whole year I was going through a transition of getting comfortable, and then the playoffs came and, bam, the old Ron Artest came, the best one — where he locks up his player, where he locks up a former Finals MVP (in) Paul Pierce, he gets five steals, a couple rebounds and scores buckets. So this summer, it was different. I didn’t prepare to play a role. I prepared to play like Ron Artest played. And that’s to help my team.

So sometimes it’s uncomfortable a little bit because I can’t play how Ron Artest plays all the time, but I don’t quit. I don’t quit on my team. I still do what it takes to win. So even if I have two points, I’m so arrogant with my defense — because I already know my defense can change a game. So when people are saying, ‘Ron Artest is playing bad,’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m playing great. Just give me a chance and I’ll show you.’ That’s the difference. The difference this year is I’m definitely playing how Ron Artest is going to play.

His numbers may not be there this season, but Ron Artest is certainly working the third person for all it’s worth.

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