Young will raise red flags for potential suitors

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young (10) signs autographs for fans after a 24-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals of an NFL pre-season game at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee on August 23, 2010. (UPI Photo/Frederick Breedon IV)

As it stands right now, not even the Dos Equis guy could convince Mike Reinfeldt to keep Vince Young. The Titans’ GM confirmed on Friday that he plans to trade or release the 27-year-old quarterback this offseason, which signals the inevitable end of Young’s tenure in Tennessee.

According to Rotoworld (via Terry McCormick of TitanInsider), two undisclosed teams have joined Minnesota as potential destinations for Young. The Redskins, Bills, Dolphins, Cardinals, 49ers, Raiders, Panthers and Jaguars could all be interested in a quarterback this offseason, but at this point who knows where Young will wind up?

What we do know is that the Titans will have a tough time trading him. Teams know that Tennessee wants to release him, so why not wait until then to acquire him? The Titans are hoping that some team will put a trade package together (even if it’s a couple of PEZ dispensers and a pack of double-A batteries), but that’s highly doubtful considering he’s owed $8.5 million in base salary next season.

But money isn’t the only reason Young will scare teams away. It’s widely known that he has issues with leadership and as I’ve written many times before on this site, he has massive maturity problems as well. It says something that the Titans want to get rid of him even though they’ve parted ways with coach Jeff Fisher. Some believe that Fisher was the root of Young’s problems in Tennessee, but obviously the Titans aren’t buying that. They know Young isn’t a leader and they’re done waiting around for him to realize his potential.

Minnesota has been mentioned as one of the landing spots for Young, but does Leslie Frazier want to bring a potential headache on board in his first season as a head coach? Why not draft someone like Ryan Mallett, Jake Locker or Cam Newton instead? At least that way Frazier and his staff can try to mold a young quarterback instead of hoping that Young will wake up one day and figure out what it takes to become a leader.

Who knows, maybe Young will succeed away from Tennessee and Fisher. He does have a winning record as a starter and he has shown flashes of brilliance over the past four years.

But just because he owns a winning record doesn’t mean he’s a winner. Chances are he’ll have few suitors this offseason when the Titans finally do trade or release him.

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