Antrel Rolle: Things are a little too uptight with Tom Coughlin

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin reacts after a play in the third quarter against the Chicago Bears at New Meadowlands Stadium in week 4 of the NFL in East Rutherford, New Jersey on October 3, 2010. The Giants defeated the Bears 17-3. UPI /John Angelillo

Antrel Rolle had a few interesting things to say about Tom Coughlin during a recent interview with Miami radio station WQAM, including how he feels things are a little too uptight around Giants headquarters.

From ESPN New York:

“As a person I don’t have any problem with coach Coughlin,” Rolle said. “We have a great relationship. When you’re talking about the coaching side of things, do I feel like things are a little too uptight? Yeah, I do.

“I feel like if he just loosened up just a little bit, still run the ship the way you want to run it, still run the program the way you want to run it but let us have a little fun … because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.”

“And people like to talk about Rex Ryan and this that and the other. That team is going to war for him,” Rolle added.

Tom Coughlin also has a Super Bowl ring and Rex Ryan doesn’t (at least yet, anyway).

Before sharing his opinion on his head coach, Rolle went out of his way to say a few times how much he likes Coughlin as a person. Rolle has a right to express himself and say what’s on his mind but I’m wondering if he should have said anything at all.

Rolle isn’t the first person to point out that Coughlin is a little rigid. Before the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007, Michael Strahan said that Coughlin needed to loosen up, too. But Rolle isn’t the player that Strahan was. His play is too inconsistent and considering he’s the highest paid safety in NFL history, he should be more productive than he was last season. (Especially if he’s going to criticize his head coach in the offseason.)

Again, Rolle was somewhat tactful with his comments but he should first look at his own game before questioning someone else’s.

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