Texans to hire Wade Phillips?

The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain writes that the Texans will hire former Cowboys’ head coach Wade Phillips, although not to replace Gary Kubiak.

Owner Bob McNair’s game plan is to keep Kubiak and hire Phillips to run the defense. There’s still a chance that an embarrassing loss to the depleted Jaguars this Sunday would cost Kubiak his job, but McNair likes Kubiak’s offense and wants to keep him around.

Bringing in Phillips certainly makes sense on the surface. The Texans rank 29th in total defense and their secondary needs plenty of work. Phillips lost his touch this season in Dallas but in previous years, his defenses always performed well. He also has more experience and a better track record than current coordinator Frank Bush, who oversees the worst secondary in the league.

Now, will it work? Who knows. There are plenty of pundits who think Kubiak is a lame duck head coach and the Texans should just cut bait and move on. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that he doesn’t have what it takes to get the Texans to the next level, although his offenses have been very good in Houston. He also has already worked with Phillips when the two were with the Broncos in the late 90s, so maybe the partnership will breed success.

We’ll see if the reports are true and McNair does bring in Phillips. Either way, he needs to do something to turn around the losing mentality in Houston.

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