Trent Dilfer: The Falcons can be beaten at home [video]

While he certainly didn’t sound believable as the words came tumbling out of his mouth, ESPN’s Trent Dilfer said the Falcons can be beaten at home. He also went as far as to predict that the Saints will not only beat them in Atlanta next Monday night, but they’ll also beat them in the playoffs, beat them in 2011 if there isn’t a strike and beat them for the next 10 years to come.

Oh, and Dilfer also took a dump on the Falcons rug by comparing them to the 2003 Chiefs, who went 13-3 only to lose their first playoff game.

Give it a watch:

It seems like Dilfer was just trying to stir the pot but he wouldn’t have to look very hard to find people who agree with him. Nobody is talking about the Falcons whether it’s because of their defense, other teams (i.e. the Patriots and Eagles) stealing their spotlight or whatever. And there are probably plenty of people who feel that the Saints will walk into the Georgia Dome next Monday and burn the place down.

But while I have my own reservations about the Falcons, there’s no denying that this is a solid football team. They don’t beat themselves with turnovers or penalties, they can run the ball, they have a quarterback who makes smart decisions in the clutch and their defense, while still a bit of a mystery, is fast and aggressive. (They also have a small but highly athletic cornerback in Brent Grimes that is ready to burst onto the national scene.)

Can they be beaten at home? Sure they can. But nobody outside of the ’08 Broncos has when Matt Ryan starts. So until that happens, the Dilfer’s of the world will just have to take solace in their projections.

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