Too soon for Tiger Woods cover?

Check out the cover of the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine:

The news of Woods’ repeated infidelity and subsequent stint in a rehab clinic for sex addition broke less than a year ago and since then Woods has attempted to rehab his image.

But I think the words “NOBODY’S PERFECT” next to a shot of Tiger looking off into the distance with the sun rising behind him like he’s Jesus or something is a little inappropriate. The phrase “nobody’s perfect” is good for a husband to use when he forgets to take the trash out or when he rips a stinky fart but can’t blame the dog because it’s not in the room.

I realize that the cover and story about an athlete’s quest for perfection, but the image of Tiger still brings to mind scandal, and that’s not going to change for a while.

So what do you think? Appropriate or inappropriate?

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