Rockies once again accused of using juiced balls at Coors Field

According to a report by AOL, MLB will now oversee the use of humidor balls at Coors Field following a compliant by the Giants, who have accused the Rockies of using “non-humidor” balls in the teams’ three-game series this weekend.

Tim Lincecum, who made a start two days again in Colorado, could be seen curising on the field when tossing a ball back to the umpire during the sixth inning. He went on to pitch eight innings while giving up just one run in a 2-1 Giants’ victory.

The Rockies are 51-26 at home this year compared to just 31-46 on the road, but that of course doesn’t mean that they’re cheating. Most baseball teams play better at home than they do on the road, although this isn’t the first time the Rockies have been accused of using juiced balls either.

Would anyone be surprised if someone with the Rockies slipped some “non-humidor” balls to the opposing pitcher in a tight pennant race? I wouldn’t – especially with Lincecum on the hill. And if the Rockies were cheating, it makes Lincecum’s outing the other night even more impressive.

I doubt we’ll see MLB do anything about this issue. The Rockies will probably go on to miss the playoffs, this story will die down and then it’ll resurface next year when another team accusing them of juicing their balls. (Juicing their balls? On a Sunday morning? I mean really, that’s just not right…)

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