I’m confused.

Yesterday, I wondered why Fran Fraschilla is convinced that Xavier Henry lacks lateral quickness, and today, as I was reading ESPN’s mock draft, I saw this exchange:

15. Milwaukee Bucks (Russillo): Xavier Henry, SF/SG, Kansas
The Explanation: I was afraid he would go to Memphis at No. 12. He could be the answer to Michael Redd if he isn’t healthy and the Bucks lose John Salmons.
The Peanut Gallery: Ford comes at him ruthlessly, saying, “Didn’t Cole Aldrich post better lane agility numbers in Chicago?” Fraschilla hits the slow note as well, while Hume knocks Russillo for even thinking Redd might be healthy. Backed into a corner, Russillo can merely muster, “But they need a wing scorer!”

Again, according to ESPN’s own numbers, Henry scored an 11.1 on the lane agility drill, which was the 8th fastest time of the 45 players who participated.

Why is Ford saying that he’s slow?

By the way, Aldrich finished in 11.48 seconds.

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