Paul Pierce gives Ron Artest zero credit

Paul Pierce is 7-of-23 in the last two games, but he’s not going to credit Ron Artest with better-than-average defense.

“I don’t really see anything he’s doing special that any other teams haven’t done throughout the course of the playoffs,” Pierce said. “That’s it.”

So despite struggling against Artest during the Finals and the regular season, Pierce thinks it’s simply a coincidence some of his worst games have come while Artest is guarding him?

“I think so,” he said.

Those words might make things even tougher for Pierce, since Artest tends to play better when he feels he’s been disrespected.

When Artest was asked about the inevitability of Pierce finding his shooting touch in the series, he stopped the reporter mid-question.

“Who said that?” Artest said. “Who said that it’s inevitable? I don’t know what the game’s going to bring, but I know I’ll be playing better defensively. I don’t like the way I’ve been playing defense, so I’m going to make sure I step up.”

Pierce has missed some open shots, but he doesn’t seem to be getting open looks at his sweet spot, which is about 17-19 feet from the hoop, to the right of the top of the key.

The Celtics need at least two of the “Big 3” to score well to win the series. In Game 3, Allen was a no show and Pierce struggled with his accuracy.

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