Albert Haynesworth starting to irk teammates

Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder signed Albert Haynesworth to a seven-year, $100 million contract in February of last year. It was the biggest payday for a defender in league history and so far, Snyder has undoubtedly not gotten what he paid for.

But then again, Snyder is used to not getting what he paid for when it comes to signing free agents. It’s Haynesworth’s teammates that have been affected the most by his salty attitude this offseason, which includes him being a no-show at voluntary camp this past weekend.

For the first time this offseason, some of the Redskin players are starting to show their frustration with Haynesworth. In a recent column by Mike Wise of the Washington Post, several of Haynesworth’s teammates spoke out about his absence at camp.

“From what I’m told, he can play the end spot,” Daniels said. “I’ve called him and told him that. The thing is, we have 100 percent participation if he is here. It’s now 99. He’s got to be here.”

“There is no room for negotiation at 4-12,” he added, speaking of the team’s woeful record last season. “I’m here, [London] Fletcher’s here, everybody’s here,” Daniels added. “He’s got to understand that. We need him to come here, be here and show these young guys that the veterans have bought in and that we want to win games.”

“It says this is voluntary, but for us, what we went through last season after a 4-12 season, it’s mandatory,” Daniels said. “He should definitely be here. And it’s a shame he’s not.”

While his teammates aren’t necessarily bashing him, their message is clear: Haynesworth needs to get his large frame to camp so that he and the rest of the Redskins can be on the same page heading into the season. If he’s not, then he’s not only hurting himself, but the entire team as well.

Some have suggested that Haynesworth has a right to be angry. After all, when he signed his $100 million contract, the Redskins were playing the 4-3 – the defensive scheme that he prefers.

But isn’t that the point? It shouldn’t be about what he prefers – it should be about what’s best for the team. Mike Shanahan has more than enough wins in this league to have proven that he knows what he’s doing and should be trusted. Haynesworth is proving that he’s a selfish player and if he wants to change that perception, then he needs to grow up and start earning his paycheck both as a player and as a teammate.

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