Report: Albert Haynesworth looking to be traded during draft

According to a report by the Washington Post, Albert Haynesworth is planning to skip the Redskins’ voluntary minicamp this weekend and will only report to mandatory minicamp in June.

But here’s the kicker: Haynesworth is also upset about the team’s plan to use him as a nose tackle in their new 3-4 defensive alignment and is hoping to be traded during the draft next week.

Haynesworth is frustrated about the Redskins’ plans to use him as a nose tackle in their new 3-4 defense, and the eight-year veteran hopes to be traded during the three-day draft that begins next Thursday. On Saturday, General Manager Bruce Allen said he was not disappointed about Haynesworth doing his own thing because “it’s voluntary.”

As the article notes, owner Daniel Snyder shelled out a record $100 million contract that included a then-record $41 million in guaranteed money when he signed Haynesworth last offseason. One would think that the least Haynesworth could do is be a leader and show up to the team’s first organized workout, whether the camp is voluntary or not.

But that’s the day and age we live in. Even though a player is making a ridiculous amount of money, he feels as though he’s bigger than the team. Don’t want to play in a specific scheme? No problem, just bitch about it and don’t show up. Instead of embracing his new role or at the very least, showing up so that his coaches can walk him through their plans for utilizing him, Hanyesworth would rather be traded.

Hopefully he rots in Washington. He followed the dollar signs there last offseason, so he should have to honor his commitment and play hard. But chances are, the Redskins will never see a good return on their investment and Haynesworth will wind up being yet another bad signing in a long history of bad signings by Snyder.

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