LaMarr Woodley chats with The Scores Report

While the Steelers aren’t having the season they envisioned after winning the Super Bowl last year, linebacker LaMarr Woodley is turning in a solid 2009 campaign. The third-year linebacker has racked up nine sacks and 45 tackles through 13 games this season and has helped steady a defense that has been hit by a rash of injuries. Woodley was kind enough to chat with The Scores Report about a variety of topics, including his fondest memory of winning the Super Bowl last season, what his secret was to becoming the first player in NFL history to record three consecutive multi-sack games in the postseason, and which running back is the toughest to bring down.

The Scores Report: Besides winning, what is the one moment that you’ll always remember from your Super Bowl victory last season?

LaMarr Woodley: The sack and forced fumble I caused against Kurt Warner that sealed the win.

TSR: What’s the toughest challenge that you and your teammates face in trying to repeat as champions?

LW: The toughest challenge is trying to repeat as champion, period.

TSR: In the playoffs last year, you became the first player in NFL history to record three consecutive multi-sack games and then you sacked Warner twice in the Super Bowl. What’s the key to getting to the quarterback in a timely manner?

LW: Getting off the ball fast, which means moving before the offensive line moves. Getting a good edge on the rush makes all the difference.

TSR: The Steelers have been one of the best defenses in the NFL under Dick LeBeau. What’s the key to his system’s success?

LW: The guys in the positions, vets who understand what is going on out there. Experience produces.

TSR: Most pundits say that you can’t evaluate a player until his third year. How would you evaluate yourself at this point in your career?

LW: I’m continuing to get better. I can’t really evaluate until the end of my career. I’m doing great at dropping back in coverage and trying to grow as an all around player that is valuable anywhere on the field.

TSR: Would making the Pro Bowl be the ultimate personal goal for you as a player, especially now that you have a Super Bowl ring?

LW: Not really. These days Pro Bowl isn’t necessarily how you perform on the field; it is somewhat of a popularity contest. Having another Super Bowl ring though, that would be my goal.

TSR: Which running back is the toughest to bring down in the league?

LW: Brandon Jacobs. By far he’s the toughest.

TSR: How does Michigan, your alum, get back to its winning ways?

LW: Study film, take it out on the field and make plays.

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