Six Pack of Observations: Alabama crushes Florida in SEC title game

Here are six quick-hit observations for Alabama’s 32-13 shellacking of Florida in Saturday’s SEC Championship Game.

1. Maybe Lane Kiffin had it right after all.
Maybe that brash Lane Kiffin had it right when he said earlier this week that, “Florida has better players, and Alabama has better coaches.” And actually, Kiffin only had it half right. Nick Saban outschemed, outcoached and outsmarted Urban Meyer for four quarters and not only did ‘Bama have the better coaches, but they proved to have the better players as well. Meyer simply didn’t have his team prepared to play today – period.

2. This was total domination at its best.
The game wasn’t even as close as the final score wound indicate. Alabama’s backfield trio of quarterback Greg McElroy (12-of-18 passing, 239 yards, 1 TD) and running backs Mark Ingram (113 yards, 3 TDs) and Trent Richardson (80 yards on 11 carries, 7.3 YPC average) played near-flawless games. The Tide dominated the Gators in every phase of the contest and never let up after smacking Florida in the mouth from the very first drive.

3. So much for Florida’s game plan.
Coming into the game, pundits figured that if Florida stopped Ingram that the Gators come out victorious. But instead, Alabama’s game plan to stay balanced was executed to perfection because not only were the Gators unable to stop Ingram, but they were unable to stop McElroy too. Florida tried a variety of different looks and in the end they just had no answer for what the Tide was doing offensively. And it really didn’t even matter that defensive end Carlos Dunlap (who was suspended after arrested for DUI earlier in the week) didn’t play because Florida just had the wrong scheme.

4. There’s no way Tebow should win the Heisman…
Not to pile it on, but Tim Tebow was brutal today. His final numbers (20-of-35 passing, 246 passing yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 10 carries, 63 rushing yards) would indicate that he played well, but those that watched the game know that he did very little. Meyer didn’t have his team ready to play and the Gators’ defensive effort was poor to say the least. But outside of one drive in the first half, Tebow did nothing to will his team to victory. How anyone could watch him play today and say that he’s an NFL-caliber quarterback is behind me. He’s a terrific athlete and an even better kid, but pro scouts must laugh whenever any idiot pundit claims that Tebow is a first rounder.

5. …but maybe Ingram should.
Fair or unfair, Ingram might have edged out Stanford’s Toby Gerhart for the Heisman with his performance today. Ingram took over this game from start to finish and Florida had no clue on how to defense him. He’s been the backbone of the Tide’s offense all season and without him, they don’t go undefeated this season. Gerhart has been an absolute beast and has been a consistent performer all season. But Ingram produced in the biggest regular season game of the year and that’s going to stick with voters.

6. Good to see some fresh blood.
As a neutral college football fan, I’m glad to see that Alabama will have a chance to win a national championship and if Texas loses tonight in the Big 12 Championship, let’s hope voters have the marbles to put TCU in the title game. Either matchup would be fun to watch.

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