Mikey’s MLB Power Rankings

As far as the Yankees and Cardinals are concerned, they are on a collision course for the World Series, as they are putting large amounts of distance between themselves and their closest competitors. The Braves, Cubs, Marlins and Giants are losing hope in the NL, while the Rays, Mariners and Twins are losing it in the AL. Time is just running out and is on the side of those out in front. We also had some changes in this week’s rankings, with the Phillies dropping and the Rockies and some other teams climbing.

1. New York Yankees (91-51)—Seriously, does this team have an off-switch lately? Their fans had better hope it doesn’t get flicked on in October. And Derek Jeter now leads a pretty awesome list of company for the team hits lead.

2. St. Louis Cardinals (84-58)—On freaking fire, and Albert Pujols is closing in on 50 homers.

3. Los Angeles Angels (85-55)—With a 5.5-game lead, the Angels are breathing just a bit easier, but they can’t feel good about a likely match up with the Red Sox again.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (84-58)—Barely hanging on to the NL West lead, but still in front by 2 games. The question is, do they want to face the Phillies or red-hot Cards in the first round?

5. Boston Red Sox (81-58)—They are not able to keep the pesky Rangers away, and Red Sox nation is a few weeks away from breathing easy, if they even hang on at all.

6. Colorado Rockies (82-60)—Nine out of ten wins and the Rockies are no longer thinking just wild card. But would they keep it up in October?

7. Texas Rangers (79-60)—The way they are chasing the Red Sox puts them just a notch above struggling Philly.

8. Philadelphia Phillies (80-59)—A 6-game lead over Florida is fairly comfortable, but the Phils are not playing good baseball. Can they find their stroke in October?

9. Detroit Tigers (75-65)—Only a total collapse would keep the Tigers from a postseason berth now, but just ask the Mets if that can’t happen.

10. San Francisco Giants (76-65)—Mediocre ball in September will not help this team catch the Rockies and Dodgers.

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