2009 NBA Consensus Mock Draft (6/24)

Chad Ford, DraftExpress and NBADraft.net all updated their mocks today, so it’s a good time to come up with another consensus. NBA.com has their own consensus, but it’s only updated through yesterday. (I expect they’ll update it today.) They’re using some old mocks and since I’m unfamiliar with a few of those sites, I can’t speak to their quality.

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A few random thoughts:

– DraftExpress backed off their prediction that Harden would go #2. He’s a great fit in OKC and Russell Westbrook didn’t seem too thrilled with the idea of moving off the ball. I don’t think the Thunder will take a point guard.

– Ford has Jennings going #19 to the Hawks. Atlanta would have to be thrilled to get him there, but I don’t think he lasts that long. On the whole, his workouts have reportedly been very good. Maybe he’s not polished but everyone seems to be saying that he has a ton of upside, maybe the most of any player in this draft. How does a guy like that slip into the late teens? In Ford’s defense, DE has him going #17 to the Sixers. Again, Philly would have to be thrilled to get him there.

– DE has James Johnson going #9 to Toronto, which is a bit of a surprise. The Raptors and DeMar DeRozan have been linked for weeks now, but Jrue Holiday has impressed the franchise as well. Toronto already has Jose Calderon, so I doubt a point guard is high on their list of priorities, but that’s definitely the position of strength in this draft.

– NBADraft.net has Holiday going #18. They’ve been down on him for this entire process, but considering that he’s working out for mainly lottery teams, I don’t see him falling that far. He was rumored to be a Sacramento favorite at #4 early on, but he has had some inconsistent workouts since then. I think he’ll probably go to the Knicks at #8 or the Bucks at #10 unless players slip that those teams can’t pass up (i.e. Curry for the Knicks and Hill for the Bucks).

– There is a lot of fluidity in picks #4 through #8, which makes sense considering there are so many point guards jockeying for position. Rubio is the biggest unknown and has only worked out for Sacramento, Curry really saw his stock climb after the season and appears to be a favorite of Minnesota, Golden State and New York, Evans reportedly dominated in the Minnesota and Sacramento workouts, and Jennings has turned in a couple of great workouts for Golden State and New York.

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