The top 10 NBA dancer photos from’s swimsuit issue

If you like NBA dancers (and really, who doesn’t?), be sure to check out’s 2009 Swimsuit Issue website, which features dancers from 10 different teams.

NBA dancers walk that fine line between athleticism and voluptuousness, not quite pretty enough (or too athletic) to be full-time models, but way too hot (or not desperate enough) for the pole. Either way, it’s nice to see Sports Illustrated utilize the NBA dancer pool for the swimsuit issue. There is a video of each dancer’s shoot, thirty pics of each girl, and twenty or so group photos.

So I decided to link to my favorite picture of each girl and rank them #10 to #1…

If you want to see more (photos) of a dancer, click on her photo and it will take you to a thumbnail gallery of her shoot as well as some candid shots of her in action at NBA games.

10. Melanie Fitzpatrick (76ers) is doing her best with the ugliest suit of the bunch.

9. DeLeah Caro (Mavs) utilizes the hair whip to great effect.

8. Kayla Oberg (Suns) isn’t afraid to show off her best feature.

7. Taylor Walker (Nets) is simply a pretty, pretty girl.

6. Deanna Clover (Magic) knows that the #1 rule of photography is put something interesting right in the center of the picture.

5. Cheney Larschied (Cavs) sure has that whole sassy thing down.

4. Ashley Allen (Heat) has a really nice hip bone.

3. Chelsey Buhler (Pistons) isn’t sure if she wants you looking at her pink caboose.

2. Alison Preston (Celtics) leaves us speechless.

1. Shanon Lersch (Bulls) overcame a bad suit with those gorgeous eyes. Seriously, I had her in 9th place until I saw this picture.

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