Is Wade Phillips the problem in Dallas?

Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News writes that Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones have destroyed the team Bill Parcells built.

Wade PhillipsParcells had the power to get rid of players, no questions asked. Phillips doesn’t, so he’ll never have the same level of respect from the players. Why do you think Greg Ellis talked to Jerry Jones about his role in the defense?

He wouldn’t have done that with Parcells here because he knew it wouldn’t have mattered. Why do you think T.O. regularly shows up late to morning meetings? He knows there’s no real consequence.
The players know Phillips doesn’t have the ultimate authority, so they don’t fear him. That, my friends, leads to a culture of losing.

But the biggest reason the culture Parcells created is gone is that no one is here to reinforce it.
When Parcells left, he took VP of college and pro scouting Jeff Ireland with him. He took Tony Sparano and three core defensive coaches as well. Yes, Jason Garrett is still here, but he’s not a Parcells’ guy. He’s a Norv Turner guy.

That means everyone with ties to Parcells, who respected the previous culture and could maintain the same type of environment is gone.

That’s why the environment has changed – and it’s not coming back. This team is in the midst of a free fall. Do you have confidence anyone in the organization can stop the plummet?
I didn’t think so.

This team has also lost its edge under Wade Phillips.

Funny how just a year ago the media and Cowboy players were lauding Phillips for being such a “player-friendly” coach and how it was so nice not to walk on eggshells with Parcells gone. How quickly the mood changes when a team starts losing.

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