Top 10 Whiniest Coaches in College Football groups the top 10 whiniest coaches in college football.

5. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State
Gundy must be thrilled he finally got some prime-time exposure. Too bad it was for his epic whining about some alleged inaccuracies printed by The Oklahoman. But Gundy’s wasn’t just any whine. It was a head-exploding mother of all tantrums. “I’m a man! I’m 40!” will forever go down as one of the whiniest rants of all time.

3. Les Miles, LSU
We love Les, king of the preemptive whines. Whine about your tough path for sympathy votes! “They (USC) have a much easier road to travel – I would like that path for us.” Whine about the two OT losses last season “If you just give us ties, like in the old system, we are undefeated with two ties. Maybe that adds up as one loss.” Leave it to Les to whine about how he wishes he had an easier path, then whine about how two ties equal one loss.

2. Rich Rodriguez, Michigan
“Being Rich Rod,” coming soon to a theater near you. Scream “excessive” about the $4 million buyout in your West Virginia contract clause, then later admit that your Michigan buyout is the same amount. Claim “coersion” after signing a contract when your lawyers and agents were at your beck and call. Whine about death threats, then fail to provide proof. Pat self on back for getting an entire state to light couches on fire.

1. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina
Was there any doubt that the Ol’ Bawl Coach would be No. 1 on this list? It’s not just his railing against South Carolina’s student-athlete admissions requirements that caused him to threaten quitting. No, it’s his weekly wrath toward officials who make calls he disagrees with against his Gamecocks every dang play. Thank goodness his visor is made of kryptonite.

Know how to stop Steve Spurrier from whinnying all the time? Threaten him with having to coach in the NFL again. Ha! Get it? Because he was one of the worst NFL head coaches in the history of the league? Yeah…yeah you get it…

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