Were the Jets ever serious about Leinart or Bush?

Armed with the possibility of choosing either Heisman winner A) Reggie Bush, or Heisman winner B) Matt Leinart, the NY Jets decided to go with option C) Play it safe and go with D’Brick.

Oh boy, always quick to groan about first day draft selections, the Jets faithful had to be quick to put a sour note on this one.

Or not?

D’Brickashaw Ferguson, possibly the only “safe” prospect in the entire draft, will start immediately at one of the biggest holes the Jets had to fill last weekend: offensive tackle. Ferguson will most likely be a stud and go on to have a very productive career.

But what about Leinart or Bush? Leinart would have been the air apparent to Joe Namath for New York fans and Bush would have given the Jets a star the likes of Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter.

Was there ever a possibility that the Jets would have taken Leinart or traded up for Bush?

Tannenbaum confirmed that he talked to the Saints about trading up to the second spot, but he backed off because New Orleans demanded an Eli Manning-esque package that included two first-round picks.

The Jets were impressed with Leinart in a recent private workout, but not enough to allay their concerns about his arm strength and Hollywood image. He never was a serious consideration with the fourth pick.

The Jets had their sites on the big kid from Long Island and who could blame them with their pressing need at tackle? Actually, a lot of people could blame them if Leinart turns into the next Tom Brady and the first people in line will be fans.

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