Marvin Lewis: Chad Johnson won’t be traded

Chad Ocho CincoMarvin Lewis reiterated on Tuesday that wide receiver Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson will not be traded.


Coach Marvin Lewis said at the Bengals’ pre-draft presser Tuesday that Chad Johnson will not be traded.

“Chad’s not getting moved,” Lewis said. “I don’t know why people continue with the speculation.” The Bengals reportedly haven’t even been offered a third-round pick for Ocho, who is allegedly “crying” again to get out of Cincy.

There’s a good chance that the Bengals can’t move Ocho Cinco because nobody wants to give up a second or even third round pick to acquire him. And if a team did cough up a second or third rounder for him, they’d have to hope that he stays motivated enough to win.

The bottom line is that Ocho Cinco’s trade value has never been lower. He’s 31 years old and is coming off a poor year. If you were the GM of an NFL team, would you want to give up a second round or even third round pick for him? I wouldn’t, especially considering the draft is deep at the receiver position this year.

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Athlete Profile: Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson

Chad JohnsonThere are few athletes whose trash talking can be a pleasure to listen to. Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson has one of those tireless big mouths that will tackle any subject anytime and anywhere. Thankfully, his diatribes are usually injected with a touch of humor and his words always reflect a genuine passion for the game of football. He publicly calls out players and instantly defends himself when criticism comes his way. When his own cousin, Keyshawn Johnson, expressed disappointment with Chad’s persona when the two sat down for an interview, Ocho Cinco stood his ground. In short, he’s never been known for mincing words, but he has talent to back them up.

If a career in football hadn’t panned out, Ocho Cinco could have found himself some easy work in public relations. He’s successfully turned himself into a business, marketing his flamboyant character in creative ways. During the 2005 season, Ocho Cinco created a checklist, entitled Who Covered 85 in ’05, which acclaimed the defensive backs that successfully covered him. As a result, in 2007, Degree and Yahoo! created an online version of the checklist, available for viewing at

Love him or hate him, it’s virtually impossible to ignore this five-time pro bowler. Now in his eighth season, Ocho Cinco has sported a gilded grill, diamond earrings, a bleached blonde mohawk, and just recently, a Bengals jersey with “Ocho Cinco” on the nameplate. (For this latest stunt, the League fined him $5K.)

However, none of these actions have sparked more ire than Ocho Cinco’s elaborate touchdown celebrations, for which he has also been fined.

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NFL Week 5 Quick Recaps: Ocho Cinco fails to kiss Dallas star

Chad Johnson– Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson said earlier this week that he would kiss the Dallas star if/when he scores a touchdown against the Cowboys on Sunday. But Dallas held him to only 43 yards on three catches in their 31-22 win over the Bengals, so the only kiss he got to plant was on head coach Marvin Lewis’s face. You know that kid at a birthday party who does a couple of funny things, gets people’s attention, but then eventually becomes annoying? That’s where I’m at right now with Ocho Cinco.

– After getting destroyed by the Jets last Sunday, the Cardinals had one hell of a bounce back this week, beating the previously undefeated Bills 41-17. But ‘Zona has got to do something about its secondary. They gave up 56 points and allowed Brett Favre to throw six touchdown passes last week, and then proceeded to allow J.P. Losman to complete 15 of 21 passes for 220 yards and a touchdown today. That’s brutal. Losman hasn’t played in over a year and even when he did he was downright atrocious in most of his games. When J.P. Losman shreds you through the air, something’s up.

– Seven carries, two yards. That’s what Carolina held Chiefs’ RB Larry Johnson to in its 34-0 win Sunday. This coming just one week after LJ rushed for nearly 200 yards against Denver. Rightfully so, everyone talks about the Vikings’ run defense being so good, but take a look at what the Panthers have done against some of the best running backs the past couple of weeks: LaDainian Tomlinson – 97 yards. Adrian Peterson – 77 yards. Michael Turner – 56 yards. Larry Johnson – 2 yards. Wow.

Jay Cutler– Out of their three victories this season, the Broncos can be most proud of their 16-13 win over the Buccaneers on Sunday. They beat a quality opponent (unlike their Week 1 win over the Raiders), they didn’t need a controversial call to go in their favor (unlike their Week 2 win over the Chargers) and for the first time all year, they didn’t surrender 30-plus points defensively.

– So…who’s the real J.T. O’Sullivan? The one that threw for over 300 yards, a touchdown and no interceptions in a win over Seattle or the one that played Sunday and threw three picks against New England? (Although in O’Sullivan’s defense, he did throw three touchdowns in the Niners’ 30-21 loss to the Pats, too.)

– Did Laurence Maroney kick Bill Belichick’s cat one time at a team barbecue or something one time? For the life of me I can’t figure out why Sammy Morris continues to get more carries than Maroney.

– Gutsy, gutsy performance by Big Ben on Sunday night. The Jags couldn’t get any pressure on him early on, but when they started to get to him in second half, he hung in tough and delivered a huge win the Steelers. Just when you think Pittsburgh is going to crash with so many injuries in the backfield and along the offensive line, they step up and play a complete game like they did in Week 5. The final score wasn’t a good indicator of how much the Steelers actually dominated the Jaguars.

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