Are the Browns interested in Mark Sanchez?

According to Cleveland Plain Dealer writer Tony Grossi, the Browns are “smitten” with USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Mark SanchezI’ve been hearing for weeks that the new Browns’ brass is divided on Quinn, that, in fact, Quinn had more supporters in the old regime, which nailed him to the bench for two years.
I’ve been hearing that the new regime isn’t head-over-heels with Derek Anderson, either, but Anderson’s arm always will impress coaches at this time of year.

I’ve also been hearing that the new regime is smitten with Mark Sanchez of USC and it wouldn’t surprise some — though it would floor everybody in Cleveland — if the Browns took Sanchez with the fifth pick of the draft.

Quinn, of course, has not had much of an opportunity to disprove critics that question his accuracy and arm strength. He deserves that much before the Browns give up on him.

Here’s yet another report that states how the new brass in Cleveland isn’t thrilled with Quinn.

Let’s assume for a second that Grossi is right and the Browns love Sanchez and want to draft him at No. 5. Then Cleveland better trade Quinn (we have to assume that if Cleveland drafts Sanchez, then Quinn would be the one traded because why keep two young quarterbacks with limited to no experience?) before the draft or else they’ll get no value for him if they try and deal him with three quarterbacks on the roster. No team is going to give up a decent draft pick or two for Quinn knowing that the Browns have Anderson and Sanchez on the roster.

It seems like Eric Mangini and George Kokinis either have some master game plan that they’re about to reveal over the next month or they’re completely clueless. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out for the Browns around draft weekend.

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