Jay Cutler is a punk

At least according to San Diego’s Matt Wilhelm he’s a punk.

During my turn guest-hosting yesterday on XX 1090, Matt Wilhelm came on the show, and I suggested at the start of the interview, “Jay Cutler is a punk, isn’t he?”

I was joking. I mean, I think Jay Cutler is arrogant and off-putting, but I was totally joking and never expected a response. I was saying it for a laugh. I had suggested the same thing in an earlier interview with Clinton Hart.

But Wilhelm, who is a great interview, took my suggestion and ran.

“He is a punk,” Wilhelm said. “I’m just not a huge fan of his.”

Wilhelm compared Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler, saying both were leaders and wanted to win badly.

“But Jay Cutler,” Wilhelm said, “he and Tony Gonzalez are the biggest crybabies in the league.”

Does anyone want to disgree with Wilhelm? Cutler is the humble genius who claimed that his arm was stronger than John Elway’s arm.

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Beall via Flickr.

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