Can Steve Sarkisian bring back Texas football?

After the failed Tom Herman era, Steve Sarkisian has been given the Texas job with the challenge of elevating the languishing program. Sarkisian had an amazing run with the Alabama offense for the past two seasons, and he’s always been a great offensive mind.

But Tom Herman had similar qualifications, coming off a National Championship at Ohio State in 2014. Yet he had real issues on both sides of the ball.

Paul Finebaum rips the program in the video above, basically saying that Texas isn’t relevant these days. He explains how the billionaire booster program is a real problem at Texas, so much so that Nick Saban didn’t want to go there.

Texas has a tough schedule this year, so Sark may have a rough start with his new gig, and then the pressure will mount.

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#15 Houston handles #3 Oklahoma

We’ve come to expect this from Bob Stoops and Oklahoma. Whenever expectations get high, his teams seem to fold.

Coming off of an appearance in the College Football Playoff and opening the season as the third-ranked team in the country, the Sooners faced off against a ranked Houston team led by the new coaching sensation on the block in Tom Herman. The result was a 33-23 loss that won’t sit well with Sooner Nation.

Meanwhile, Houston becomes that Group of 5 team that everyone will have to contend with as a threat to crack the College Football Playoff. Their schedule is very favorable going forward apart from a battle with Louisville later in the season.

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