Tim Brown: Al Davis hates black athletes from Notre Dame

Former NFL great Tim Brown was recently elected into the College Football Hall of Fame and during an interview with Jimmy Shapiro, he dropped a bombshell about Raiders’ owner Al Davis.

On meeting Al Davis for the first time:

“Meeting Al (Davis) was pretty unique. I found out five or ten minutes after my first practice there that he hated African-American athletes from Notre Dame. And they literally told me that. They literally told me that because we’re known for using our education more than our athletic ability that he thought that I would be one of these guys that would basically take the money and run. I don’t know if that was a ploy to get me amped up, but it certainly worked.”

Wow. Tim Brown has managed to totally shock me, yet I’m not totally shocked. He says it so nonchalantly like, “Yeah, that’s just Al being Al. He hates black athletes from Notre Dame – no biggie.”

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