How bad are things for Oliver Perez?

…so bad that even his own teammates hope that the Mets sending him packing.

From the New York Post:

A day after watching Oliver Perez implode in a relief appearance against the Brewers, two disgusted Mets players told The Post yesterday it’s time management drew a line in the sand with the putrid lefty.

“You tell him you go to Triple-A or that’s it, you are finished,” one Mets player said, well aware that Perez is still owed about $20 million on the three-year contract he signed before the 2009 season.

A second Mets player echoed that line of thinking.

“At some point you have to cut bait,” he said. “You owe him a lot of money, but for what?”

Ouch. Perez is making $12 million this season and is owed $12 million next year, too. He has it written into his contract that he can block the Mets assigning him to Triple-A Buffalo, which he has already done once this season because he doesn’t think he would benefit from facing minor-league hitters.

But maybe he’ll be humbled by the comments of his teammates. He’s 0-3 with a 6.25 ERA and has struggled both as a starter and as a reliever. Putrid wouldn’t even begin to describe how bad he’s been this year and maybe he can get some of his confidence back if he pitches in the minors.

That said, if he continues to refuse minor-league demotions, then maybe his teammates are right and that the Mets should just dump him. He’s owed a ton of money, but he’s killing them every time he takes the mound and something eventually has to give. Sometimes teams just have to bite down, swallow hard and move on.

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