’s 2009 Great Male Survey

Ah, the modern man – just who and what is he? If he were rich, would he prefer a sports car or SUV? What is his favorite sporting event of the year? Does he fantasize about his girlfriend’s friend? (Yes please!) put together a cool feature that delves into figuring out who the modern man is by polling over 50,000 of its readers with questions like the ones above.

The 2009 Great Male Survey rolls out over the next four weeks and discusses a series of poll questions ranging from sports, cars and entertainment to dating and lifestyle. To check out The 2009 Great Male Survey, click the link provided.

Here’s one of the sports questions that was asked (along with the results):

Q. Who is the hottest female associated with sports?
32% – Erin Andrews
28% – Maria Sharapova
17% – Danica Patrick
13% – Ana Ivanovic
10% – Natalie Gulbis

Some of the other sports questions include: What is your favorite sporting event of the year? Does gambling factor into your love of the NFL? Does fantasy football factor into your love for the NFL? Who is your top pick for your 2009-2010 NFL fantasy football team?

The results to the questions are pretty interesting and entertaining so be sure to check them out, along with the poll results for the questions in the other topics.

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