The Rams’ Richie Incognito is a punk

Richie IncognitoLast Thursday, St. Louis offensive linemen Richie Incognito criticized Rams fans for not knowing when to cheer and for being too quiet during games.

Then he did this following the Bears’ smack down of the Rams last Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome:

Before stepping into the tunnel, Incognito cupped his hands to his ears, apparently egging on angry Rams fans to spew more venom his way.

Here’s a video that also shows Incognito saying, “I can’t hear you,” to fans as he walked off the field, as well as him denying that he did any of it in a postgame interview.

What an ass. Rams fans don’t know when to cheer? Cheer for what? What have you or any of your worthless linemates given Ram fans anything to cheer about this season?

When you have people spending over $200 in a bad economy, they shouldn’t have to deal with a smug punk criticizing them for not knowing when to cheer.

This was great though:

As Incognito left the field, one of the signs hoisted by a fan above the tunnel read: “Richie, I Don’t Cheer For Bums.”

The Rams need to clean house. There are plenty of linemen out there that can act like revolving doors to the quarterback who don’t criticize fans off the field.

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