Seymour has five days to report to Raiders

The Raiders have sent defensive end Richard Seymour (whom they acquired from the Patriots last week in exchange for a 2011 first round pick) a letter notifying him that he has five days to report to the team or else he’ll be suspended.


Once the Raiders sent the letter, it imposed a deadline on both sides, with plenty to lose for each. Oakland could lose the player it covets, and Seymour could lose a season of earning $3.685 million.

“I don’t have any knowledge of that right now,” Cable told the Associated Press when asked about the letter. “I’ve heard something about that, but I have no knowledge of that right now. It has been nothing more than just trying to get some of these details worked out, that’s it.”

The Raiders didn’t even call Seymour to make sure that if they did follow through with a trade that he would report. And now they’re threatening him with a letter? Wow.

Al Davis is out a 2011 first round pick and the player he acquired is AWOL two days before the first game. Typical Raiders.

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