Raiders’ Seymour returns shot at Giants’ Pierce

Following the Raiders’ embarrassing 44-7 loss to the Giants in Week 5, New York linebacker Antonio Pierce said that the game felt like a “scrimmage” and that Oakland essentially didn’t give much of an effort.

But when the G-Men were steamrolled by the Saints in Week 6, Raiders defensive end Richard Seymour had a few choice words for Pierce.

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“They got what they deserved this week,” Seymour said to the Daily News about the Giants’ 48-27 loss to the Saints. “I’m not sure how many points the Saints scored on them, but if I’m not mistaken, it was about half a hundred points. [Pierce]’s got enough to chew on with that.”

Granted, the Giants are still 5-1 and atop the NFC East, while the Raiders are 2-4 following their impressive victory over the Eagles last Sunday. But it’s kind of ironic that Pierce criticized the Raiders for a lack of effort and then the Giants went out and got their ass handed to them the following Sunday.

Pierce should have spent a little less time taking jabs at the Raiders and a little more time studying film on Drew Brees.

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