Ex-girlfriend accused of racking up over $90,000 on Reggie Wayne’s debit card

Every guy has taken a beating from a girl at one point or another during his life. We’ve all wanted to erase the memory of that soul-sucking leach that our buddies still loving ask, “Remember when you dated her? Oh man, what were you thinking!”

Of course, not all of us have had our debit card information stolen from our ex, and had her rack up $93,000 in merchandise like Colts’ receiver Reggie Wayne’s former girlfriend did.

According to the Indianapolis Star, police and the Secret Service Asset Forfeiture Unit searched the home of a woman named Natasha McKenzie, who reportedly used Wayne’s bankcard to buy furniture, three television sets and various other electronics. A theft report filed by Wayne in April stated that McKenzie, an ex-girlfriend, made 333 transactions dating back to September of 2009 totaling more than $93,000.

McKenzie claims that Wayne had given her permission to use the card.

“Reggie knew what was going on. I sent Reggie plenty of thank you messages,” McKenzie told the station. “He knew everything that was going on. There was nothing fraud about it. . . . Reggie gave me all of his credit card information. I still have record of everything he gave me.”

Thompson said she has told police another story.

“The suspect has been interviewed by our detective and has made admissions to using the card numbers without authorization,” the IMPD spokesman said. “There is the potential for charges being filed.”

I’m no detective, but I’m thinking this is how everything went down: At some point during their relationship, Wayne allowed McKenzie to use his card. Using her quick goat thinking, she wrote down the information for safe keeping, just in case she needed to use it again.

When the couple split, she probably figured she was entitled to Wayne’s hard-earned money seeing as how he makes a lot of it and decided to help herself to three TV sets and new home decor. She probably even had the thought, “He’ll never even know the money is gone.”

Some guys never see their Bon Jovi CD again – Wayne’s relationship with McKenzie cost him over $90,000.

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