The 49ers are a mess, but their cheerleaders are amazing!

It’s been a rough year for the San Francisco 49ers, and there’s not much light at the of the tunnel. Chip Kelly has been fired along with the GM, but fans are still stuck with Jed York, who is staking his claim as the worst owner in the NFL.

But – they have beautiful cheerleaders as you can see below!

Now that the season is over, let's take a look at JORDAN throughout this season ❤️💛

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Cheerleader Update – Christmas edition

I hope everyone has a great holiday. We’ve pulled together some cheerleaders in Christmas outfits to start the festivities.

Here are some Santa Claus outfits from the Denver Broncos cheerleaders.

NFL cheerleaders on trampolines! [video]

Good grief…

Five ways to fix the Pro Bowl

Our friends at The Love of Sports came up with five ways to fix the NFL Pro Bowl. And God love ’em, they found a way to incorporate Tecmo Bowl and cheerleaders into the mix.

2. The Tecmo Bowl Solution
Take an updated version of the world’s best video football game, simulate a season and let it pick the Pro Bowl roster. This is actually good for a variety of reasons. On one hand, some people (myself included) would love to play out the season rather than letting it simulate. In addition to that, it’s Tecmo Bowl and, really, who doesn’t love Tecmo Bowl?

1. Cheerleaders
You know how they have the Lingerie Bowl? Well, why not have the Cheerleader Bowl? After all, it’s not like the players are going out there and playing a real game, so rather than wasting their time, why not vote for the league’s hottest cheerleaders and let them play a game of flag? Heck, they could have a cheerleading competition, a la Bring It On, and it’d be way more entertaining than the current Pro Bowl.

Ah, I can remember the Christmas when I unwrapped Tecmo Bowl like it was yesterday. Still the greatest football video game of all time.

NFL Cheerleader Photo of the Week: Week 15

It’s a pretty easy decision this week, though the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders did make a strong run with another kick line.

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