Blue Jays figure out new way to beat opponents: Stop them at the border

According to a report by the Toronto Sun, MLB players with criminal records have been warned that Canadian officials may not let them into the country, even if they were only sentenced to a minor crime.

“Individuals who are not Canadian citizens may be detained at the border and, in certain cases may not be permitted to enter Canada at all, if they have any sort of past criminal record,” he wrote. “Recently, Canadian authorities have stepped up enforcement of these laws, resulting in several non-Canadian players travelling to Toronto with their teams being detained at the border because of a past criminal record.”

He warned that “even an arrest, conviction or suspended sentence many years ago for a minor crime, or a juvenile offence, can result in a border detention.”

“It’s getting late in the game folks, and the Yankees will have to go to their pen in order to save a victory here in Toronto. Of course they can’t use Joba Chamberlain because he never made it across the boarder due to that arrest for driving under the influence, speeding and having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle back in October of ’08. Well played, Canada.”

Could you imagine if the Bengals were set to play the Bills for one of Buffalo’s home games in Canada? Cincinnati would only be able to use half its roster and Pacman Jones might be shot on the spot. Yiiiiiikes.

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